You've Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

Do I need to purchase special equipment to scan BarrierTrack QR codes?

No. Any QR code scanner will work. However, for your convenience, you can download the BarrierTrack app for either iPhone or Android which will allow you to easily scan BarrierTrack QR codes.

How can I add aprons to my Barrier Track account?

Aprons can be added to your Barrier Track account by first, scanning the QR code that is sewn into your garment. This will pull up the apron details. You will need to be logged in to claim the apron and add it to your account. If you have not already created an account please be sure to do so in order to see the “Claim Apron” button which will be displayed under the apron details.

Do I have to manually add Apron information?

No. Your Apron’s information is already in BarrierTrack. Scanning the Apron’s QR code will allow you to “Claim” the Apron to your account. Once an Apron has been claimed to your account you must activate it by clicking the “Edit Details” button shown on each individual Apron item in your Inventory Dashboard. Define the “First In-Service Date”, “Assigned To” and “Department”, then save. The Apron will now be active in your account and able to document inspections.

Can I add Aprons from other manufacturers to BarrierTrack?

BarrierTrack does allow the ability retrofit Aprons from other manufacturers. Please contact us at info@barriertrack.com for information on how to obtain QR tags compatible with BarrierTrack.com

How can I retrieve my a password?

Click the “forgot password?” link shown on the Member Login page. After entering the email address that you signed up with, your password will be emailed to you.

How can I change my password?

Once logged into your BarrierTrack account, click “My Account” from the main menu navigation. Your account details can be managed and updated here.

How can I create an inspection?

While viewing the individual Apron item that you want to inspect, please click the “View Inspections” button at the bottom of the item. This will display past inspections results as well as allow you to document new inspections. Click the “Run Inspection” button to document a new inspection.

How can I download or export inspection history reports?

From the main navigation menu under “Reports” you can choose between “Inspection Reports” and “Inventory Reports”. Choosing Inspection Reports will allow you to create customized reports of inspections histories. Reports can be printed or downloaded in PDF or EXCEL formats.