With our intuitive cloud-based system users can easily manage, track and inspect all of their Radiation Protection Aprons from Barrier Technologies.

Barrier Track simplifies management of your radiation protection garments by allowing you to easily view and document the inspection process. Reports can be easily customized and printed or downloaded in Excel and Pdf formats. These reports can include inspection histories or even your entire inventory. Utilizing these reports, detailed information can be quickly and neatly organized for routine audits from authoritative bodies. Additionally, they can also help provide a much better understanding of your current inventory status.

Unlike similar web-based tools, Barrier Track eliminates the often mundane task of data entry for initial inventory information. This can be particularly time consuming when there are several garments to manage. Because of Barrier Track’s streamlined technology, data entry is automated at the point of manufacturing. This means a user only needs to scan the garments QR code, which will allow them to instantly add it to their Barrier Track account. Our extremely user-friendly dashboard provides a visual way to organize and streamline the inspection process.

There is no software to install. Barrier Track is easy to use from any operating system with internet access and a modern web browser.

Barrier Track - Lead Apron Track System